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3 Girls A Day By Todd Valentine Review: How To Get Any Girl To Love You

Can You Really Get 3 Girls A Day Using Todd’s Dating   Program Called “3 Girls A Day Guide”?

 Hey friend,

Once again I will be giving you detailed review on 3 girls a day book… and I hope this information will be useful to you.

As usual, this content will be divided into 3 categories… namely:

  • Overview of what 3 girls a day book is all about
  • The Pros and Cons of 3 girls a day guide
  • Lastly, our take on Todd Valentine’s dating guide

Note: If you don’t have the time to go through this content – and you just want to go straight to the official site of 3 girls a day… you can do that right away. Or better still, you can take peek at our take on this subject in order for you to get a quick peek into what the 3 girls a day program is about.

3 girls a day
3 girls a day 

Overview Of What 3 Girls A Day Book Is All About

So… what is 3 girls a day program all about? The 3 girls a day is a dating program for men created by Todd Valentine. This guide is designed for men who have taste and desire to connect and attract with beautiful girls on dating sites like Facebook, ebuddy etc…

…The guide is said to help you to get rid of any negative challenges you might be facing when you are in contact with women you love.

3 girls a day e-book comes with powerful tips and tricks on how you could get into conversation with any girl without feeling rejected. 

What are your goals?

Is it to sleep with more women, date beautiful girls, or perhaps, you want to learn how to seduce any girl on a deeper emotional level? Whatever it is… Todd got you covered – as the 3 girls a day is said to help you achieve all these feats.

Who Is Todd Valentine?

Todd Valentine is the author of 3 girls a day dating guide he is also an executive trainer of Real Social Dynamics, the Chief of RSD inner Circle and also an international leader in dating advice. 

Seems he has all going for him …don’t you think so?

Not so fast, Todd in his word said… what prompted him to get into what he does which also led to the creation of this dating guide was due to his experiences. 

…Take for instance, he said when he was still a young man he was always shy of beautiful girls and he felt he lacks that confidence to communicate with any girl.

…so, as a result: this led him to research best methods to attract the girl he desires. After years of research, Todd was able to come up with this program (3 girls a day manual). Imagine what you could achieve learning from someone who has been there.

… These same methods of getting any girl to fall in love with you have been taught to so many men out there – so you are learning a tested and proven system which works.

Here Are What You Will Be Learning From The 3 Girls A Day Guide

You will learn:

  • 4 Things your conversation starter must convey when directed at a super-hot girl.
  • 6 Ridiculous ways to challenge a girl. You will get to know how to put her on the spot so she knows you're not the type of guy who will take her shit.
  • The right time to read her profile and when not to read her profile before even sending her a message.
  • The 4 General Categories Of Online Communication and Text and how you should respond to each one.
  • 6 Hilarious Mass Messages you will send to her that will get her crazy overnight
  • What to do when she says ‘no thanks' to a sexual come on.  You'll laugh out loud when you hear this and it works like pure gold.
  • The best way to time your text messages so you're not coming off needy but you don't blow opportunities either.
  • The best time to ignore a girl online (do this at the wrong time and you'll ruin perfectly good opportunities.
  • The primary distinction between online messaging and text messaging -- with how to approach the two of them correctly in a different way.

The Following Also Comes When You Order For A Copy Of 3 Girls A Day And They Are:

 3 Recorded Phone Conversations

Get 3 additional real world phone conversations to model. You'll see firsthand how to talk to girls on the phone to get them attracted to you and wanting to meet up. You will get to know the specific points in the interactions that matter MOST, so you know exactly what to watch out for when you're talking to your own girls

Hot Girl Perspectives Interview

You'll learn what she looks for when she's browsing profiles, what kind of pictures grab her attention, what kind of messages get her interested, the things guys do that turn her off immediately, what she's looking for on a date, and so on.

3 Girls A Day Reference Textbook

A fast reference guide with all the secrets, lines, and examples from the main course. Quickly glance through the important theories and concepts, as well as the best lines and conversations that have been compiled for you. 

Cons of  3 Girls A Day Guide

As you know, the 3 girls a day is a digital program… and just like every digital programs out there, 3 girls a day is also susceptible to flaws. As this program is not magical in nature; but rather, you would need to put efforts in order to get the very best out of Todd Valentine’s dating guide. With that said, you need to adhere to the instructions found in 3 girls a day manual in order for you to get the best out of your money.


In conclusion, the 3 girls a day program was created by someone who has firsthand experience on how it feels not to be able to get in front of the woman he loves. So, in his quest of finding solutions to his predicament – he stumbled upon a powerful system that has passed the test of time. And it is these same techniques he will be teaching you in his program.

Moreover, he has trained a lot of guys out there on how to easily connect with the woman of their dream on a deeper emotional level. So therefore, the ball is in your court. What do you want to do with the information found in 3 girls a day guide is up to you?

If you are looking on how to get laid, or perhaps you want to get all the hotties in your neighborhood is totally up to you.

Why would I want to recommend 3 girls a day dating guide?

The answer is simple… the instructions inside 3 girls a day program is a revolutionary online dating game. And the instructions are simple, easy and effective, and yet powerful. If applied the right way, you can build a stronger relationship with the woman you love and also, the confidence would come naturally.

Also, 3 girls a day dating manual is a risk free program. How? If after obtaining a copy of Todd’s 3 girls a day manual and you felt all the techniques, tips, and tricks found in this manual doesn’t work. As in, there are no replies in your social media account and the girls are not in any way replying to your messages after the space of 3 months, you can send an email to the author requesting for a refund of your money and there will be no question asked neither will there be hard feelings towards.

So to cap up everything, 3 girls a day is the right program to build a long lasting relationship with any girl that you’ve always wanted. Why? The information works. So what are you waiting for? Obtain a copy of Todd’s dating guide right away by clicking on the link provided below…

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